At the beginning

A story can start at the beginning, sometimes the end if you want the reader to go back and piece it together but for the purposes of this one, I’ll start it in the middle because it’s time to let other people in on it.  To share with them, to validate but most of all to include them and make it mean more than just to myself.  This is an outgrowth of the story and to have come to this point from where I started, means I have accomplished so much more than the obvious.  You’ll see.

First of all, welcome to my blog!  If you’re here reading it then you’re interested in weight loss and how it may apply to you, interested in how I lost 190 lbs and am keeping it off, the struggles, the temptations, the ongoing victories and how not to turn mishaps into setbacks, interested in sharing your own story and making the same thing happen for you.  You can.  There’s absolutely no one in the world who can lose your weight other than you, and the more you have to lose the more powerful your motive is.  One of our biggest deterrents is fear of ourselves, fear of what we can’t do, fear of taking on something we may not be able to finish, fear of disappointing ourselves and those who know we’re trying.  So… take the fear out of it.  What do you have to gain by losing that twenty pounds, whether that’s your goal or the first step towards it?  What can be made better by that extra boost of self-esteem, sliding a finger around control or empowerment or whatever it is that losing weight means to you? Every step forward means you’re getting somewhere.  You, can.  I did.  And I’m no more special or strong than anyone else, I just got some love of life and the need to make mine count for something.  Don’t we all?

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