Even though I might be considered a weight-loss “pro”, I am very often reminded of the myriad ways I haven’t even thought of yet to approach food.  A couple of these were brought up by my boyfriend recently when we were picking up some Subway sandwiches (Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki- *cue tooth-glinting smile*), and we started talking about how quickly I eat. Of course I was looking at it from the viewpoint of how slowly he eats but he mentioned what was still to me, unbelievably, a novel idea. “Do you actually taste what you eat? How long does the food stay on your taste buds?” I was brought up in rather lightbulb-going-on surprise and realized I still rush the whole process of eating, maybe because the tug of war between it and myself hasn’t fully left me yet. Food to me has remained something I enjoy immensely but am still in the unconscious mindset of being a consumer. I’d come to view it as something I need to wage supremacy over so I’d gotten in the habit of wolfing it down to get it out from in front of me so I could put my plate away and remove myself from temptation for another 4 hours or so.  I can think of everything else under the sun without food worming it’s way in when I’m not hungry, and even go for an hour or two longer once I am but I still have the niggling sense of having to put reins on.

One of the biggest tips he gave me was as simple as something to drink while I eat, to cleanse the palate and to slow the whole process down: chew slower, longer, take a minute or so between bites to attend to other things.  You can bring enjoyment of life to eating and not have that revolve around eating.  Not only are the bites I took following this foreign process so much better, truly tasting every mouthful but I’m getting full before I have to think to myself, “You need to slow down, maybe leave some on the plate.”  He taught me how to enjoy my food more and not to fret while I eat… perhaps the last shred of my former rigid self drifting away into naturalness. Thank you honey.

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