A writer’s life demands that strict adherence be paid to application of derriere to chair, to the bulk of one’s day being spent in the active devotion to same.  I am one who was born with a burning desire to express myself and found in writing the most personal and meaningful-to-me way to do so, but also with a woeful lack of anything internal driving me to make something manifest through sheer dedication to hard work.  This changed the day something clicked in my head and my constitution simply refused to accept my current conditions anymore, which resulted in my losing 180 pounds in a year and three months, so I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do and by any means necessary… this just requires me actually doing it and staring down the apathy demons with my steely cold gaze.  Anyone who knows me would laugh to hear me say this, because I’m not known for my fierceness in one-on-one combat.  They do not know however the relentless tone of the one offering the scathing comments in my if I inch any closer to oneness with those demons. 

     Which brings us to the present hour, which happens to be almost five hours later than the time I had planned to get up after a short nap yesterday evening and hit my work hard, which is exactly what I’m doing now.  I was also responsible for waking my boyfriend up so he could do his own work- we’re both self-employed, he a web entrepreneur so can set our own hours but he also relies on twenty hours a day devoted to building his business.  And what did I do?  Let the tinkling tones on my alarm fade into the night while we both snoozed an extra three and a half hours.  Of course, we probably needed them but that doesn’t measure up in any way, shape or form against striking while the iron is hot.  But, I am here now.  Good morning all 🙂

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