Article on iCNN?

So, in browsing for a current news story regarding weight loss today, I stumbled upon an article for iCNN, about a gentleman who had lost 99 lbs after coming to an “A-ha” moment regarding the need to lose weight. At the top of the article CNN encouraged readers who had had similar experiences to write in about their own stories. It is fairly surprising that I had not done anything like this so far, but perhaps I was still not fully ready to face the world so openly about my weight loss, having come from so little an ability to share myself in any context previously. Today, I finally bit the bullet and did so, as my story springs from just such a transitional “click” in my head that finally set me on the right path. I wrote an essay that just poured out of me and was on the screen before I realized I was done writing it. Submitted it with a couple of pictures of myself, all Facebook profile pics (head shots) dating from October 2009 (I started losing weight in April 2009) through June of this year, wishing I had some full body shots of myself before I had started to lose any weight (most of these are with my parents and one close friend), then got in the shower. By the time I had gotten out and sat back down to check my email, I had received one from a producer at iCNN asking me for more details about my story. And for pictures- why did I wait so long to get these, not only for just such an occasion but to post on this blog and Breaking Slim’s FB page too?? Needless to say, there are now some on the way and I hope I can still submit them for this article, maybe even have it published and I will certainly post them here as well. Updates will be forthcoming, hopefully with good news!

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