The mole peers out of her hole…

Howdy all! Things have changed since last I surfaced, although much has stayed the same and will continue to. First and foremost, I am as always keeping up the good fight and have maintained my weight. I still enjoy a hearty meal and these consist of hot dogs and baked beans, fried egg sandwiches and pancakes- although at present I am undergoing a week of vegetarian eating, mainly apples, pineapples and broccoli… call it an experiment.

Let me preface this by stating that I have NEVER been a vegetable person or eaten one willingly until I was well into losing weight and I became enamored of salads- and even then I must admit the extent of the vegetables included amounted to lettuce or spinach and avocado and a bunch of other higher carb and higher fat foods such as… candied walnuts, egg and olives. I know, I cannot even pretend to myself that I eat healthily. As a child my family dubbed me the champion vegetable pusher arounder because I became expert at eating a few bites of anything crisp or green put on my plate and sliding the rest of it around to make it look like I’d been spearing forkfuls of it. And raw vegetables- forget it. I have a violent dislike for raw carrots and celery has to be buried in a mass of tuna and mayonnaise in infinitesimal bits to enter my mouth. While I didn’t quite *mind green beans or corn, since I have become an adult I certainly have not gone out of my way to buy them or include them in recipes. While I was rooming with my best friend Leah, back when I was at my heaviest at over 300 pounds, she introduced me to artichokes which were kind of fun to eat but to which I added copious amounts of butter and ranch dressing on every bite. She did this in a valiant effort to get me to eat healthier and further to save my life. Thank you Leah, it did actually sink in.

Fruit I was never too much more enamored of although a good deal more than the loathsome veggies- I really like bananas although they have some rather pesky side effects, could eat pineapple all day long and there’s something in the decadence of peaches that really appeals to me. That being said, let me proceed with my observations about what I’m eating this week:

Firstly, I am beginning to adore apples. The sweetness, the juice, are like dessert and fruit juice for breakfast and I can honestly say that I would consider incorporating them into my diet full time, along with the pancakes and hot dogs. I can make concessions. They’re SO juicy though that they cannot be eaten without a healthy portion of paper towels on hand or a bib, so no dashes to work with an apple in one hand and the steering wheel in the other.

Secondly, my fondness for pineapple is waning a bit due to tooth sensitivity. I do still love their taste but cold and cubed, they cause some agony!

Thirdly, I have actually been able to turn broccoli into a satisfying meal with the judicious use of garlic and bouillon cubes. That means an entire 10 oz box (only 90 calories!) steamed and seasoned to taste like a bowl of stew or spaghetti sauce. Wishful thinking. The upshot of this was my boyfriend had a little bit last night without the seasoning and proclaimed that I make a mean bowl of broccoli and did I put butter in it? Big smile on that one 🙂 When I first moved in with him my cooking prowess was, shall we say, not legendary.

I am on my way to the grocery store now and am going to get more Pink Lady apples and some peaches. I have two more boxes of broccoli in the freezer and when they’re gone, I’m going to let them fade into obscurity.

Happy weekend and bon appetit all!